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Meet Netflix's evil cast and where you know them

Meet Netflix's evil cast and where you know them

Resident Evil is among many Netflix live-action video game adaptations that will add content in the coming months. The eight-episode series came from supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb. This will be the second installment in the Resident Evil franchise on Netflix, following the 2021 Resident Evil series: Infinite Darkness Anime. 

Part of the upcoming live-action series occurred in 2036, years after the deadly viral outbreak. This will see the reinterpretation of one of the most iconic criminals in the history of video games, Albert Wesker. This series originated from Constantin Film in collaboration with Moonlighting Films.

"In the first timeline, the fourteen-year-old sister of Jade and Billie Wesker was moved to the new Raccoon City," Synopsis said. "The cities of the company produced are forced on them right when teenagers run smoothly. But the more time they spent there, the more they realized that the town was more than what was seen and their father might hide the dark secrets. The secret that can destroy the world. 

Cut into the second timeline, more than one decade to the future: There are less than fifteen million people left on earth. And more than six billion monsters and animals are infected with T-virus. Jade, now thirty, struggled to survive in this new world, while the secret of his past - about his sister, his father, and himself - continued to haunt him. "

The producer entrusts the task of playing an evil scientist umbrella to the Veterans Reddick actor. The 59-year-old man starred in one of the most famous film franchises lately, John Wick, where he played the officers at the Continental Hotel, Charon. 

His career included a large number of credits in television series, including playing Matthew Abaddon on Lost and Phillip Broyles Di Fringe. In addition, he landed his voice for several characters in video games such as Break Quantum, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Destiny.

Reddick displays the most experience in the cast of Netflix's Resident Evil, the perfect choice for this important character. In the fan-favorite video game series, Albert Wesker is one of the scientists who are responsible for research on Bio Payung Organic Weapons, a project involving humans who mutate. 

After Wesker and Umbrella have some differences in the project, he left the company and quietly stole the data. In the end, he led S.T.A.R.S. Division during that time.

British actress Balinska described one of the main protagonists of the Netflix series that will come after landing the most important role in her career until now. Balinska has worked with Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott at Charlie's Angels Reboot 2019, where he acts like a former Mi6 Jane Kano agent. 

Jade is a character that does not appear in video games, so information about him is very rare. However, the introduction to the story will likely help fans find out more about why and how Albert Wesker.

Artemis Fowl Alum Tamara Smart described the young version of Jade. Additional credit for Smart includes the worst magicians, Hard Sun, and Netflix's a Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting.

Like his sister, Billie is a character that has been made firmly for the coming series. Both he and Jade did not exist in the universe of Resident Evil, where the only descendant of Albert Wesker who was known was Jake Mueller. Actress Hawaii Agudong will play the young version of Billie. 

AGUDONG BARU -newest is considered a young Mia Toretto in F9. Previously, he appeared in several series such as Hawaii Five-0 and Star Falls, among others. Hong Kong Rudolph -born actress described adult Billie. He worked on a terrible Netflix adventure from Sabrina and CW's Riverdale.

Additional casts include Paola Nuñez (Bad Boys for Life), Sunday Raza Mir, Connor Gosatti, and Turlough Convert.

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