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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2022 Written Update -
Revati's top officer arrives to detain her and tells her that he didn't realize she could accomplish this. Revati inquires about what she accomplish. He claims she was found red handed after taking a an bribe from businessman. Revati insists that it is impossible. He requests her to look at her account with the bank. She looks and is stunned to find 1 crore rs in her account. 

She tells him it's an error. Digvijay comes in and says that she received a bribe from him. Revati declares she isn't sure who is he. The Khuranas are stunned to see the man. Rudra inquires about what he's doing and then reveals Arman's uncle is discovered his plot. 

Digvijay claims that his and Armaan's businesses are now separated and he's no longer connected to Armaan today. He claims he met Revati and then bribed her with 1 crore in exchange for her consignment. Commissioner shows their photo together.

Revati remembers Digvijay knocking her down apologizing to her and handshakes with her. Revati says that he knocked her down and then apologized. Digvijay wonders why she smiling and shaking hands. Rudra claims that Digvijay as well as his son are both frauds. 

Digvijay declares that Revati is a scam instead. Senior believes he's right and leaves the arresting Revati. Revati insists on Rudra to help save her. Rudra takes to the streets with into the police station. Revati insists to be innocent. Rudra affirms that he is certain that Armaan is behind the incident and promises to be able to get her out as soon as possible.

Preesha inquires Digvijay whether Armaan could be behind it. Digvijay wants her to accompany him to discover the truth. She leaves together with him and then asks to know if Armaan was behind all this to get Revati in a bribery investigation. Armaan comes in and acknowledges that he was responsible for all of this. Preesha asks him why he did that.

He claims Revati was so wrong in her life, and she is recalling the many crimes committed, and then explains why she's now in support of Revati. Preesha questions how she comes to have so much knowledge. Armaan remembers having his assistant Malati as the Khurana the family's housekeeper to monitor Preesha along with her relatives. 

Malati makes a film in which Revati demands Preesha to sign documents before sending the documents to Armaan. Armaan looks at the video and believes he needs to get Revati out of the Khurana home in order to keep Preesha free of tension.

Preesha questions Armaan to explain how he came to have all the information about her. He says he's not able to disclose the source of his information and claims that he's doing it for himself, as he would like her to care for Anvi following his death. Preesha states that even Digvijay will be a caregiver for Anvi. 

Digvijay declares that he is not able to remain with Anvi for very long, so the reason he would like Preesha to look after Anvi. Armaan goes away, saying that Revati will not bother her. Preesha believes that Revati has done something wrong, but Arman is correct.

Preesha waits for Rudra to tell him Revati's story. Rudra returns home. Preesha tells her she wants to talk to Rudra about Revati. Revati comes in at this point. Preesha is stunned and asks why she is getting back. Rudra tells her that Revati has been rescued.

He remembers having a conversation with Revati in the police station, and telling the woman that DIG sir told her that she has to make a deposit of 1 crore rupees in order to be granted bail. Revati declares that she's honest and police departments used to give the evidence of her honesty. 

she wouldn't accept an bribe, and that somebody is trying to trap her and so on. Rudra declares that Armaan is behind this. Revati wants to know how she will get 1 crore rupees. Rudra claims he will make 1 crore rs payment and assist her in her bailout. 

Revati says she will not accept his assistance as she is unable to pay him the 1 crore rs. Rudra insists that it's not worth the sacrifice she did to Preesha and her infant. Through flashbacks, Preesha asks Rudra if she is crazy to spend 1 crore of rupees for the woman who has committed a crime. Rudra warns her not to continue.

Preesha tongue Revati's tongue Revati to put an end to her drama. She she takes Rudra to a room, and asks how he can help a woman who is not his. Rudra has a tense relationship with Revati as well and fights her. Preesha claims that Revati has done a lot and bribed Digvijay, Armaan doesn't even know Revati or even knows her. 

Rudra claims she is unable to believe in Armaan and inquires about what the reason is Arman insists on her taking charge of Anvi. Preesha states that Armaan believes that she is the only one who will be able to take care of Anvi in the event of his death. The argument continues. Preesha decides not to allow Revati stay at her house for any longer. 

Rudra insists to prove that Revati does not leave the house or cribs she's changed, and then tries to sleep on the couch. She asks why he's doing this. He states that he doesn't want fight now, and that they will discuss it later early in the day. Preesha is slumbering on her bed, sad. 

The title track of Serial is playing on the back. Revati believes she has had told Preesha that in the future, Rudra will be more dependable than Preesha and that she'll have Preesha's baby and turn Rudra dislike her.

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