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Pandya Store 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Gautam says that he fell in the fields. Suman wants to know how. Dev answers yes. Rishita asked Dev if he fell. Gautam said Dev fell, and then I fell. Dev questions about the party. Rishita said that we will be cooking the food at our home. Gautam said, "Oh, family function. 

We will sell the land after Shiva’s function." Raavi promises that we will celebrate his birthday with great joy. Rishita said that we are all excited about your birthday and it would be special for everyone. Shiva spots a dress on the man's shoulder and asks him to put it aside. He offers to pay a token amount and promises to buy the dress.

It is morning and Shiva is still asleep. Raavi romances Shiva and wakes him up. Jeena hai plays... He wishes him a happy birthday. He asks, "Who wishes that way?" He begs him to stand. He pulls her closer. He asks for sweets. She tells him that I didn't get chocolate. 

He said it's okay, I'll have it my own way. She apologizes, but there's no time. Get up. He said it was his birthday. She said that I want your birthday the best. He said that you must give me a kiss each hour. She smiles. He asks her why she smiles. 

He kisses her cheek. He turns to her. She responds in this manner. He then asks where we will meet. He asks her if Shiva is your name, but she says no. He is again kissed by her. She apologizes, but I can't get you any gifts this time. Next time, she will. He asks if he has ever seen any gift being given to him. 

Everyone wishes Shiva. Shiva thanked everyone. Dhara blesses Shiva and asks him to get dressed. Rishita questions Raavi about the birthday present she gave to Shiva. Raavi is shy. Dhara tells Raavi not to be shy and asks her to come for work. Gautam, Krish and Krish visit Dhara to ask for money. She adds up the money.

She asks Gautam for help. It's imp to pay Krish college fees. Raavi states that she needs money to buy Shiva a present for his birthday. Krish tells me that he will ask a friend for money. I don't want it, but he does. 

He leaves. Gautam claims you gave money Dev. I will accept stock on loan. I have applied for loan. He signs Dhara to transfer the money to Raavi. He leaves. Raavi is given the money by Dhara. She says I don't need more money. Raavi suggests that I get a gift for 500rs and keep the rest. 

Rishita watches. Raavi looks at her ring, and says that if it's sold, all expenses can be covered. Dhara does Shiva's aarti. Shiva slips and falls. Shiva believes this tika was wiped out, is that a bad sign? 

Gautam holds Gautam and asks if he is okay. Shiva answers yes. Dhara asks did you get hurt. He replies that he is fine. He is given a black dot by her. He replies, "Nothing will happen." He is asked to be cautious.

Raavi sells the ring. The jeweller said that he could give you 25000rs. Raavi said it was fine. But keep the ring. She accepts the money. Rishita hears Dev talking about someone grabbing land. She questions Dev about who took our land. He says Jeevan lal. He replies, "Jeevan all." 

Gautam claims that you told her. Raavi comes home. Dhara wants to know what happened. Rishita claims that someone took our land. Dhara questions how this could have happened. Gautam and Dev tell all. 

Gautam claims that we wanted to share after the birthday. Shiva is furious and claims that he would have beaten Shiva up. Dhara asks Shiva to calm down. Gautam says Jeevan lal. Shiva said that I would not leave him. Suman wonders when these problems will disappear. 

Gautam promises that we will be granted the land. Raavi claims it was because of me. Dhara tells Raavi not to get angry and make her madder. They must think of ways to liberate the land. Shiva screams and leaves. Gautam questions Shiva where are you going. 

Shiva said that he will give the land back to him. If he is a goon, then I am a bigger goon. Gautam promises that we will find a solution. Shiva said that she will go on her own now.

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