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Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Ranbir apologizing to Prachi. Prachi gets down and becomes emotional. The song plays. ....They are hugged. He says that I've never imagined that I'd share with you the good news that I am now Bau Ji. Prachi stands up and says Ranbir that you have become Bau Ji. Ranbir is a hugger. Then he makes her put on a ring. Song plays...Prachi hugs him. He lifts her and then swirls. 

He asks me to hold my baby. She smiles and says yes. He reaches her belly and feels the infant. Prachi has a smile. He calls us our baby, our family. He states that I will be there for our baby for the rest of my life, and I will cherish you forever, and our family will expand. Prachi asks how did you discover that I was expecting? He says that it was in the hospital. 

Prachi questions why you were not speaking? She says I knew the reason Rhea was furious, you've divorced Rhea which is why we are about to get back together. Ranbir states that I've not informed Rhea about my divorce however I will inform her. Stanley is hiding. Rhea claims someone is in the area. Pallavi says I'll make a call to guard. Rhea promises to manage. Stanley panics. 

Rhea insists that you don't take anything. It's everything I own. She tells you that if you go out, I won't reveal anything. Pallavi calls guards. Stanley is thinking about what he should do? He comes up with an idea and walks out, while Rhea, as well as Pallavi, are in the vicinity of the cabinet. He hits the table in the corner and gets up. Rhea and Pallavi notice him and ask what's going on? He claims he heard about the thief in this area and then came. 

Pallavi asks if the guard sent you. Rhea states the reason they have a waiter in the room. Stanley claims he heard the two talking, and that's why he was there. He removes the bat from Rhea's hands and then opens the cupboard. He pretends to have seen the rodent. He claims that he has seen a rat, and then he disappears.

Prachi presses Ranbir and is upset. He asks him what has happened? Prachi tells him to stay away from me. She gets the rings and throws them on the floor. She asks what is the significance behind your love, something you don't know. He says that I truly intended to do that I meant it. She says that if you truly would like to care for our child and remain with me, you must be divorced from Rhea first. Then you should bring me a call. She claims that you didn't make this decision because this is the way you go. 

She claims that you've been doing it for years and tells me that you want me to leave so that you can return to Rhea in my absence. She says that you made fun of me, and she tells me that this time, you're making the same fun of my baby. She pushes him and tells him to leave. 

She herself falls. Ranbir says Prachi. It is revealed that it was his own imagination. Prachi is curious about what happened. She asks if you saw ghosts or statues. Ranbir says ya. She says that I've fallen into this, and you were dreaming of Rhea. Ranbir says that she woke up and heard the sound. Prachi claims there's a limit on ignorance. 

Ranbir claims that you only declared disappear. ....He is convinced that Prachi will want me to recall the words she spoke of. He remembers what he thought he saw sitting inside the bath. Prachi attempts to unlock the door. He remembers the time he went out through windows and imagined. Prachi is asking if we can take a trip through the window. He climbs out of the window and leaves. Prachi considers what was happening to him.

Stanley claims it was a Rat and says I'll go right now. Pallavi insists that you're not a waiter. He claims I am a waiter. Pallavi questions how did you find out that the thief was in Ranbir's bedroom. He says that they had told. She wants to know how you know this is the room of Ranbir. 

She claims that rats cannot come into Kohli Mansion. Stanley says that rats aren't educated, and they are attracted by food and at Kohli Mansion there's plenty of food. Rhea says that you appear to be well-educated. He confirms that, however, I was fired, and is seeking a new one. He suggests they speak with Ranbir about his position. 

Stanley examines the divorce papers lying in the middle of the floor, close to Rhea's feet. Ranbir is thinking about where the divorce papers go. Rhea is able to find the envelope, and asks: What is it? Pallavi states that it's sealed and we should not open it. Rhea claims it's from Ranbir. Pallavi wants her to put it in her almari and to contact Vikram. 

She states that I won't contact him because I'm not speaking to Vikram. She wants to contact him. Rhea believes she should go through the legal documents. Prachi arrives and inquires about what happened to Dida. Pallavi tells her she's well, and you don't have to be worried, she's perfectly fine. 

Prachi claims I was looking for her. Pallavi is furious and tells her that this is my son's and daughter-in-law's room. Dida awakes and asks Pallavi whether she's had started over again. She says that you and I aren't sure what marriage, sister, bahu happiness, marriage, etc.

She wants Pallavi to be an excellent mother first, and then be a Saas. She inquires about why you were telling her that a mother's 9 months are more than the wife's 7 rounds. She claims that this isn't accurate, since the mother's nine months are for one lifetime and 7 rounds with the wife will represent seven births. 

Pallavi wants her to go to bed. Dida wants Prachi to reply to Pallavi and requests her to learn from Pallavi what to say to her. She threats Prachi and Pallavi with falling off the window. Prachi declares that your love Ranbir is different to mine. Dida demands that she berate her. Prachi begins to confront Pallavi in a polite manner to explain why she has accepted Rhea to be her bahu and then ignores her. 

She says that you don't consider her as your bahu. She says that you asked Ranbir to fill in my maang on PS. Pallavi believes it was due to my lack of help. Prachi affirms that Ranbir was married to Rhea because of helplessness. Rhea questions why you are discussing me. Dida insists that she not interfere. Prachi claims that I am Ranbir's wife legally. 

Pallavi claims that the present is not tomorrow. Dida walks out of the window and lies on the sofa. Pallavi states that my son is going to be in love with the girl, who I'll consider to be my bahu. She claims Ranbir has rented an apartment for her so that you reside there and I remain here with my entire family.

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