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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

 Pulkit informs Ashwini and Ninad by telling Virat, Ashwini and Ninad that Sai has been discharged from the hospital. Virat informs Sai that he will complete the discharge formalities and then leave with Pulkit or Ninad. Ashwini assures Sai that everything will be fine once they get home. 

Sai refuses go home because she doesn't want Pakhi to confront her. She claims she confronted Pakhi to curse her unborn child. Ashwini comforts her, saying that soon she will have a baby. Virat, after completing the formalities, returns and tells her that the doctor wants to talk to him.

Bhavani fumes at Pakhi for cursing Sai. Mansi claims that Pakhi has lost her husband and isn't in her right mind. She didn't mean any harm to Sai's baby. Bhavani claims she repeatedly warned Pakhi to stop cursing Sai. But Pakhi kept going and Sai lost her baby.

Ashwini consoles Sai as she cries out and lets go of her pain. Virat is comforted by Ninad, who promises that they will soon have a child. However, Virat informs Ninad that she cannot get pregnant. Ninad is shocked. Ashwini comes along and asks Virat to be strong. She also said that Sai needs her support.

Virat, Ashwini, and Ninad take Sai home. Everyone tries to comfort her and cheer her up. Bhavani is concerned about Sai. Ashwini and Ninad think about letting the family know the bad news after some time. Virat also attempts to make excuses. Sai admits that she will never be able bear children. Everyone is shocked while Devyani becomes distraught and weeps.

Bhavani accuses Pakhi of everything and returns to her bedroom. Pakhi is dragged out of her bedroom and made to stand before everyone. Pakhi is also shocked when she reveals the details of Sai's miscarriage. She attempts to make it clear that she was angry, and spoke everything in anger. 

She claims that she has never wanted to do anything bad for Virat and Sai's children. Bhavani commands Pakhi to leave the house. Pakhi states that if Pakhi believes she is responsible for Sai’s miscarriage she should leave the house.

Mansi is a strong supporter of Pakhi and said that she would accompany her. Ninad claims that this house is owned by Mansi. Mansi claims she would not like to live in a house where her DIL insults her. 

Vaishali informs Pakhi that her daughter can't see the insult. Before they kick her out, she suggests that Pakhi go to her house with Pakhi. Sai interrupts her and tells Pakhi that she will not go anywhere.

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