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Best Things to Do in Scranton, PA

Scranton is the capital of Lackawanna County located in north-east Pennsylvania. It is a small city with an outstanding history. The city was once the head of the anthracite coal mining industry in Pennsylvania and as a result, the city saw the influx of a lot of immigrants from different countries in Europe.

Given its rich historical background, today, Scranton, PA has a lot to offer tourists and visitors who want to explore the city’s rich historical origin through its diverse museums and historic homes. There is rarely a shortage of things to do in Scranton!

Scranton PA is popular as a Steamtown National Historic Site and is equally well known for the popular TV Show, “The Office. In a refurbished 19th-century mill, the Electric City Trolley Museum features interactive displays of antique trolleys with age-long steam engines or locomotives trains positioned on the previous rail yard. Close by, visitors can enjoy the sites of four Scranton Iron Furnaces and vestiges of a plant made in 1800s plant.

McDade Park is the hub of Lackawanna Coal Mine, where a mine wagon goes downhill into tunnels. If you think the reasons behind the popularity of Scranton PA is just because of its history as a former coal town and as the location for the TV show, “The Office, think again. Scranton Pennsylvania became popular many years before its recent fame.

In the following section of this article, you will learn why you should visit Scranton and the Best Things to Do in Scranton, PA while you are in the city.


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