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Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th June 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th June 2022 Written Update -
Manini criticizes Niyati for not being able to get nearer than Yuvan to impress Dhanraj. Niyati complains that Banni has become a hindrance and refuses to let her be near Yuvan and demands that she take action. Yuvan gives a rose to Banni. Banni states that she always had cauliflower and Yuvan was the first person to have presented her with a complete rose plant. 

Yuvan claims he got this plant from the gardens and wants her to make milkshake and gulkand from it. Banni says that no one gave her anything following the death of her mother. Yuvan claims that the mothers of their children must have had discussions about their lives with each other since they're now stars. Banni smiles.

In the evening, Banni is busy cooking when the goldsmith arrives to take the tiffin back and tells her that the food was delicious. She inquires about the reason why her gold necklace turned black when he polished it. Mamisa appears from the window and informs Mamusa that she swapped Banni's gold chain for fake chain now. 

Banni is likely to cause a stir if she discovers that her mother's gold chain has been exchanged. Banni takes off her chain to reveal the goldsmith, but Mamisa makes a scene by claiming by claiming they saw snakes wandering around the room, diverting Banni's attention. Then she takes the chain.

Manini remembers Banni not achieving her goals and informs Alpana the truth that Banni is nothing more than a tiny an ant. Alpana states that Banni earned the trust of Dhanraj, and is causing trouble for everyone. Manini claims she is going to make Banni appear untrustworthy and demand Dhanraj take her out of the house.

Charmi requests Niyati be sure of herself in case she decides to get married Yuvan just like she's confident of getting married to Viraj. Kalpana is of the opinion that Charmi is too confident. Yuvan experiences a toothache severe and walks towards them. 

The entire group scolds him. He promises to visit Dhanraj. Kalpana tells him it's just a small tache. Niyati instead of giving him medication is able to lock him up within his own room. Banni says to Mamisa she searched her entire home and could not find a snake. Then she finds her chain and mobile unaccounted for. Goldsmith asks her to return the chain for testing when she locates it. Banni calls her phone number on Vishnu's phone. 

Yuvan responds to the call and informs that she had left the phone at his residence. He informs her of the toothache. He asks her to bring medication and ice cream to him. She inquires if he's doing this for the ice cream. He claims he will never lie, particularly to her. 

She says she'll deliver ice cream and medication for him. She will also visit a dentist should his pain not diminish. Mamusa demands that Mamisa solve the problem first with the chain. Mamisa is the one who finds the chain, and tells Banni that she'll have it repaired to the goldsmith. Banni accepts and heads to Yuvan's home.

Banni gets to meet Yuvan using ice cream, medicine as well as clove oil. Yuvan puts clove oil on his cheeks. She shows him how to apply it to the tooth that is hurting and then apply an ice pack on his cheeks. Yuvan feels pain-free. 

Viraj apologizes to Manini for not executing his plan and claims Banni makes it worse each time. Manini states that if he requires forgiveness from her, he needs to ensure that Banni, the roadster Banni isn't found in the same house ever again.

Banni provides kulfi Yuvan and starts shutting the windows. Yuvan put ice in her clothes. Banni insists that he shouldn't do it, and he adds ice to his clothing. He claims he's getting cold and takes off his T-shirt. Maniini looks on and requests Viraj to take Dhanraj along with Hemant as they enjoy the action. 

Banni is embarrassed and demands Yuvan not to remove his shirt. Yuvan does not agree and suggests she must take off her shirt. She demands that he quit and then tries to get out. Dhanraj and other people walk in and look stunned.

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