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Whistleblower – Web Series Review

Whistleblower – Web Series Review

Whistleblower Web Series Review & Rating

  • Released Date – 16 December, 2021
  • Released Language – Hindi
  • Watch Time - 120 mins
  • Webseries Type – Drama, Thriller
  • Average User Rating – 4/5

Whistleblower Webseries – Star Cast

Ritwik Bhowmick, Ravi Kishan, Sachin Khedekar, Sonali Kulkarni

Director: Manoj Pillai

Whistleblower Webseries Story

With the help of money, power and acquaintance, only the incompetent people will get everything, then what will be the share of the capable people. In today's era, this is not a big question, but a big fight. Be it about education or jobs. 

The struggle is intensifying. What will be the end result of this, cannot be said, but at least justice is seen in the stories of the entertainment world. Sony Liv's latest web series The Whistle Blower is seen exposing the scam of government recruitment in education and jobs. This web series is based on Vyapam of Madhya Pradesh, one of the biggest and most infamous scams ever in the country.

Whistleblower  Webseries Review:

There have been cases of unnatural deaths of more than 40 people directly or indirectly related to this scam. The Whistle Blower's focus is on how this scam happened and how the people involved in it worked. 

Where there are lakhs of ordinary youth candidates in medical, police, teacher and other recruitments through government examinations, how others took the examinations and got selected instead of thousands of incompetent people, this is what The Whistle Blower shows. In the very first episode of the series, you find the patient's life in danger at the hands of an incompetent doctor and then the process goes on.

The Whistle Blower begins with the death of Dr. Ashwin Bhadauria (Sachin Khedekar), the owner and dean of Reliable Hospital and Medical College in Bhopal. His body was found burnt in the courtyard of the house. Is it suicide or murder. Dr. Ashwin's son Sanket (Ritvik Bhowmik) wants to know the truth and his past slowly opens up along with the story. 

In which, instead of ineligible candidates in the government recruitment examinations to be held all over the state, those who write the examination with money come in front. From the coaching centers making them puppets, the picture of middlemen, officers and politicians emerges. 

It turns out that a gang of hundreds of people is working, not two-four-ten. Billions of rupees are being spent. Unqualified people are getting jobs in doctors, teachers, police and other government departments.

Review and Acting

OTT platforms have given filmmakers the facility to present real-life incidents/incidents/scams in the form of a story. The Whistle Blower is its new episode. Its quirk is interesting. If you have been an aspirant in government exams or want to give such exam then this series will explain a lot. 

Even if you want to understand Vyapam scam, The Whistle Blower will help. Rithvik Bhowmik is in the role of Sanket. By looking at the sign, you can understand that nothing in today's world is just black or white. Everything in life is not done just for pleasure. 

Some work is also done to enjoy the excitement, for which the new word is kick. Rithvik had earlier appeared in Amazon Prime's series Bandish Bandits. He was well liked. He is effective here too. Ravi Kishan has become the kingpin of the gang that runs the racket of making doctors by taking money on the pretext of coaching classes, Dr. Jairaj Jatav.

He has played this character according to his reputation and is remembered in the end. Ankita Sharma and Riddhi Khakhar are here in the role of sisters who are in love with Sanket. Sanket is in love with Ankita and Riddhi with Sanket. This is an interesting trek. However, as the story progresses, its edge diminishes.

Sachin Khedekar has played his role well. Last year, the film Halaal (Director: Randeep Jha) on Eros Now, centered on the same Vyapam scam, had Sachin in the role of a doctor whose daughter becomes a victim of scamsters. Other actors including Sonali Kulkarni and Zakir Hussain have played the given characters properly. 

After the nine episodes of The Whistle Blower start at speed, there is some slack in the middle. Here the focus of its team is more on exposing the scam in a journalistic style than on the story. The writer-director starts telling how Vyapam was executed. 

After a long time, in a series, journalist or journalism has been shown in a positive way. When a journalist caught on camera is caught on camera, he is beaten to the extent of killing him, then the dialogue of a scammer is: Journalists are cheap, but their lives are expensive. 

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