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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Kesari says the aunt sits down and you will get tired. Nikira doesn't tell me who your mother is, and how can I meet her? Kesari says she can meet anyone, but no one can meet her. She was there when the blast struck. Does Nikira say your mom did it? Nikhila says it can kill anyone. 

Kesari says my mother is a very nice person. She sees and hears everything. How does Nikira say? Kesari says her mother is like a god. Nikira wonders if she has the equipment. Nikira says she will challenge your mom to come in front of me. Kesari's mom told me she would get there in 30 minutes. Kesari tells Nikira to get here in 30 minutes. She says Nikhila has to answer my question.

Chirag says she is not my daughter. She says I swear. Meenal says he wants to divorce today. She wants a dependent allowance. Raho chases Munna. Nikira sees the turmoil in the house. Does Nikira say Raho is out of the house? She says I won't go. Munna is closed in it. Sakusham takes Munna out. 

What is Gopika doing? She says she throws him away. Nikhila says anyone who makes this mistake will be punished. His mother tells us who his father is. Does Gopika know who she is? Nikira says he will come to our house in 30 minutes. Saksham says she won't come. Kesari says she has come twice before and she still comes today.

The lights are off and smoke is everywhere. A woman comes in. Kesari says Mom is here. Nikira says she turns on the light. The ramp and enabler will open a window. The light will come on. Does Kesari say he saw my super mom? Gopika says he left this letter in your hands. Gopika reads this and she has to accept your daughter or her whole family suffers. Gopika says whatever you did and she will accept it until tomorrow.

Tehar welcomed the women. She tells La Mira to meet here. Tehar asks him to make something for them. What do women say is happening? Ramira says enough, do you move your MIL? Tehal says he knows you gave me a job for no reason. Ramira says, and you are stubborn. Hitain says you now see what you have done with each other.

Raho says you won't sleep with me until I know the truth. Chirag tries to remember who it is. Meenal kicks out Keshap. Gopika sleeps away from crispy.

The next morning, who is Nikira's father? She says Keshap is not mine. Chirag says it's not mine either. Munna also says it's not mine. Saksham says I don't remember anything. Kesari says the mummy said he was very angry with all of you. What is that ghost? Nikhila says women are lying and trapping us. 

Gopika says, but why? Ashi says what she does is almost nine. She says there was news that an inspector came and you were doing child labor in this house. Nikhila says all servants are over 18 years old. Kesari begins to wipe the floor. They are in shock.

Battle of Precap-Gopika and Sakusham. Does he suddenly have a girl here and say I'm her father? You know what I think about children. She says so. I cannot be the mother of your child. You don't have to remind me over and over again.

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