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Mithai 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Sid and Mitai discuss who will fight with Bhura. Bhura yells at them to stop it, he shoots in the air and tells Mitai to leave. Today he kills Sid. Sid takes the pot and hits it. He escapes with Mitai. Bhura and his companions begin to pursue them. Sid draws Mitai and hides with her in the jungle.

Sid and Mitai are walking in the jungle. Sid says all of this is happening because you came into our lives. Mitai says it's not my fault if he's a dog. Sid hears Bhura coming there and runs with Mitai. 

The Bhura shoots at them, but all the bullets are gone. Sid and Mitai hide under a tree and sit side by side. Mitai says Bhura is still behind us. Sid tells you to be careful. He hugs her and they run away from there. Bhura gets angry looking for them.

Indu comes to the Mandir and prays for Mitai. She says that my Mitai takes care of everyone, makes sure everyone around her is happy and solves all problems by herself. I just want people to take care of her, protect her and fight for her.

The other sides protect Mitai. They run through the jungle. Sid says I should have left you a Bhura. Mitai says I always find a safe way, I ask Dada to marry you with your childhood love. Sid says I don't believe in love. It must be love as Mitai says he only has one friend since childhood.

Apeksha comes to Dadu's house and asks where is Sid. Dadu says we don't know. Apeksha says he got in trouble because of you. Sid and I are moving to Singapore, everything is shocking.

Mitai tells Sid that you keep scolding me, but you are the biggest problem in your family. You never speak well to anyone, you never respected your father. They are all afraid of you, you never celeBhurate happiness with them. 

I think you should marry Apeksha because the family not only lives with them but also loves them. Sid tells you to stop it, he slips and they fall out of the ditch. Sid falls on Mitai. They have a common look, but he leaves.

The Greek asks Apeksha when he decides to move to another country. Kirti says she doesn't share anything with us. Apeksha was under stress so I applied for both. Both of them were chosen, so I'm leaving. Dadu says no, I'm sure he won't leave me alone. Apeksha says you treat him like a child, but I know him. He shares everything with me, he was worried about the girl Mitai. 

Don't worry about him, I'll take care of him. Shubham says that now we need to focus on finding Sid and Mithai. He calls him his man, who tells him that he saw Sid following the van. 

Shubham states that Bhura may have kidnapped Mithai and Sid may have gone to rescue her. Why does Apeksha say she is doing this? Kirti says that he has already saved Mitai twice. If he saw Mitai in trouble, he must have followed her.

Sid looks at Mitai and says I'm stuck here. Do you think Mitai likes me here? They are trying to find their way out of the jungle.

Pramod tells Shwam why Mitai is in trouble and why Sid always saves her. Shubham thinks about it.

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