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Mai Webseries Review

Mai Webseries Review

– Movie Review & Rating

  • Released Date – 15 April 2022
  • Released Language – Hindi
  • Watch Time - 2 Hr 36 mins
  • Movie Type – Drama, Thriller
  • Average User Rating – 1.5/5

Mai Movie – Star Cast

Sakshi Tanwar, Vivek Mushran, Vamika Gabbi, Raima Sen, Prashant Narayanan, Ankur Ratan, Anant Vidhat, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, and Seema Pahwa

Director: Anshai Lal and Atul Mongia

Mai Movie Story

Paying a month's subscription to Netflix is ​​now very heavy. So expensive OTT and the story talks about some homosexual relationship every time. This herb is included in every Netflix story just as potatoes have been included in samosas. Filmmakers of Mumbai don't know why the world of crime is most dangerous in Uttar Pradesh. And, Uttar Pradesh has everything that one can imagine sitting in Mumbai. 

This time it is about the drug racket. The murder of a dumb girl. is of his innocent father. Tauji, Taiji, cousin all look happy in their own way. But, his mother is an eyewitness to the incident. In court, the driver apologises, saying 'we don't want to do this', so the mother's attempt to find out the cause of her daughter's death begins.

Mai Movie Review:

In Marathi, sister is called Tai, mother is called Aai. But, in North India, the mother has to be found to say Mai. Here she is Amma, Mummy, Maa, Ammi too, but Mai is rarely there. Netflix's new series 'My' seems to be the first stumbling block here. The series has released on the afternoon of 15 April. 

To write the review, its screeners were also sent by Netflix to selected people. Now the team of Netflix also conducts interviews by holding courts of the stars of their series and films. But, the marketing team of OTT is still not able to understand India. Most expensive subscription and worst content. 

And, this time this feat has been done by Karnesh Sharma, whose last digital release 'Paatallok' film 'Bulbul' was highly praised.

Review and Acting

In the web series 'My', Karnesh Sharma is putting a discount in the name of both himself and Sudeep Sharma. It is not easy to watch this six-episode web series. There is hardly any subscriber of Netflix who does not want to watch this series of Sakshi Tanwar. The name of Sakshi Tanwar is associated with the wave of Hindi audience. 

From 'Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki' to 'Dangal' and 'Mohalla Assi', he chose and did strong roles according to his age. His performance in the short film 'Ghar Ki Murni' has been seen a lot by the audience. But he has not yet met a director who has presented his ability properly on OTT, the changing medium of entertainment. 

The work of the witness is brilliant. The story is weak. Apart from them, Anant Vidhat and Vaibhav Raj Gupta also leave their impact in this series. But, the performances of Prashant Narayanan, Vamika Gabbi and Raima Sen are very average.

After series like 'The Final Call' and 'Mission Over Mars', Sakshi Tanwar of the web series 'My' is the lead artist. She is doing a lot. Jeth sees Jethani's house. He looks after the health of the elderly in old age homes. She observes the sentiments of her husband, who runs the medicine shop. 

Just don't know how his 'connect' breaks with his daughter. All the time something or the other keeps swirling in her mind, and Sakshi has worked hard in the character of this surprised troubled woman. 

Just the case of him becoming a detective, then going on crime on crime without hesitation is not digested. The story is going on in Lucknow and there it is not all that much 'butter'.

The biggest weak point of the web series 'My' is its dull script, weak story and very superficial characterization of the characters. With so many characters, the team of directors and writers have put a lot of burden on themselves. But, this series is neither written nor directed. If Netflix is ​​obsessed with creating inclusive entertainment content, then it should also set an example by taking gay actors in gay roles, similar actors in non-hearing characters, and actors who have won this challenge in characters who struggle with gender identity. needed. 

Netflix's trumpet of being a developing OTT is not working anymore. There is a lot of sound in this drum, but there is no music of life. Even if you do not watch the series, you will not regret it.

In the first two episodes, Mai binds a little and it seems that maybe it will proceed in a different way but it does not happen. As it grows, it becomes loose and becomes a victim of repetition. New characters do not add anything new. Especially the track of an iconic actress like Seema Pahwa looks absolutely unnecessary. 

The only success of the series is the performance of Sakshi Tanwar. She has played her role with beauty and ease. She has landed in her character with full sensibility. His acting can become the only reason to watch this series. 

Prashant Narayanan, seen after a long time, went in vain in the double role, while the part of Vivek Mushran is nothing special. Vamika Gabbi is average. Raima Sen definitely creates a little effect but her character was not filled with many colors.

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