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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Mastani sees a sleeping friend in a tent and tells his servant that I fell in love with him when I first heard his name 15 years ago. Since then, I have always loved him. He is a great warrior. I laughed and cried because of him. It's time to confess your feelings to him. She enters his tent and smiles. She is about to leave, but Budge tells her to stop. 

Mastani tries to hide from him. Budge says my soldiers may have attacked your Mastani. Masterni smiles and says that I have come to you. Bai says you came here without an appointment? Are you selfish? Mastani says no, I promised not to see you until you get here. Bai says he doesn't like looking at a person's back. Mastani says I can't see your eyes. Budge says I'm here to win the war, so I don't care. Mastani holds his hand and shows his face for the first time. 

Bai is fascinated and distracted upon seeing her. Mastani says you're here for me, so I'll protect you at all costs. You cannot leave here. I'll leave with permission.

Kashi feels embarrassed and sees Dee deflate. She says she has nothing to worry about.

Bai convulses Mastani and says I don't need anyone's permission to leave. I came here because you asked for help and now you're saying all this? You're cute and a great attacker, but I don't care. I'll leave as soon as I win the war. Mastani smiles at him and leaves. Mastani believes that fate has brought us closer and that we cannot leave with him without me.

Lada talks to Shaf and says that we have to keep everything under control. You have enhanced Kashi and now you are out of control. Schaff is angry. Lada says that Bazi is your warrior, but he went to Bundelkhand for Kashi. 

She is trying to question your decision. I think we should leave the oak position to the point. Shaf is angry and Kashi is against my decision, so she says she should be punished.

Kashi comes to his mother's room and finds everything abandoned there. What is this oak tree? Lada comes there and tells Mohini (Kashi's mother) that she usually returns to her parents' house when she becomes pregnant, but you disagree and come to her daughter's house. She laughed at her and left. Kashi says I feel sorry for Mohini and says he is going to his father's house. The soldiers will be happy to bring Budge's letter.

Bai prepares for war. He approaches the soldier and tells him to end this war early. He sees Mastani going there with his power. She gives him the document and tells him that it contains all the information about the enemy. Bai says we'll take care of everything. Mastani says I will fight you. 

Budge says that fighting the Mughal Empire is not easy. Mastani says they want revenge because my soldiers lost everything. Bai says you are a princess, so why would you fight? Mastani says that I have already given my life to someone, he has every right to me. Bai is watching.

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