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Imlie 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update

A request is made to Rathores to begin Imlie’s swing pulling ritual. Imlie falls down as a result of Jyoti pulling the rope, swig breaks down, and Imlie falls down. Aryan is worried about Imlie and rushes her to the hospital. Jyoti recalls cutting the rope as she pulls the rope. Imlie falls down and faints as a result of her fall, and a doctor checks her and tells Aryan that she is weak. In addition, the doctor asks whether Imlie’s baby will be okay after the fall. Imlie is not pregnant, and the doctor says that this was never the case. The doctor says that Imlie’s pregnancy test was positive at home. Imlie was not pregnant, since Imlie was tested for pregnancy and her blood test was conducted. Narmada asks Imlie to take the test again. Even home tests are often false positives, the doctor says, so he performed Imlie’s blood tests. Narmada says these tests can also be wrong, and she asks Imlie to take the test again. The doctor agrees.

Gudiya is pleased that she does not have to take care of Imlie's child. Nila compliments Jyoti on her success in carrying out her plan. Imlie opens her eyes and asks Aryan how their child Kichu is doing. Imlie becomes upset after hearing that her baby is fine. Aryan tells Imlie that her health is more important than anything. Doctor Narmada tells Imlie that her pregnancy test was a false positive and that she was never pregnant. Imlie is devastated after hearing this. Aryan tries to console Imlie by telling her that everything was happening at a fast pace. Imlie is infertile and will never have children, the doctor tells her. Imlie becomes quite upset after hearing this. Nila feigns sympathy and asks how the family line will continue. Aryan holds her close and comforts her.

Jyoti congratulates the doctor and throws money at her. She claims she realised the universe was on her side, so he instructed her to lie and say Imlie couldn't be pregnant. She drapes a monetary garland around the doctor's neck and requests that she write a prescription to end the pregnancy. Doctor claims he can no longer lie and feels awful for Imlie. Jyoti threatens to kill her and reveal the footage of the report exchange.

Imlie is saddened by the sight of her parents feeding their kid. She is consoled by Aryan. She sobs, expressing her anguish. Nothing, according to Aryan, has yet to come to an end. Imlie claims she cheated Aryan out of the joy of becoming a parent. ARyan says they will repeat the tests since they cannot be certain. She understands that the route to their desire is not simple and that they must travel it; there are many tests and procedures to go through, and if none of them work, they can become parents through other methods. She claims that everything will be taken care of by God. He holds her once again, tears streaming down her back. She soothes him next, telling him that he easily manages his feelings, but that his dream has been destroyed today, and that he should let his emotions out, and so on.

Narmada sobs incessantly, claiming that Aryan will never be a father. Arpita consoles her and advises her to support Aryan and Imlie instead of saying it in front of them. N Nila arrives and sobs, claiming that she can no longer see her grandchildren's faces. Arpita claims to be able to see both her and Sundar's children. Nila claims Arpita is her daughter, and she refuses to meet her or the servants' children. Arpita declares that she does not wish to hear her obsolete and useless lectures. Aryan and Imlie have returned to their house. Imlie is taken in by Narmada, who wants her to relax.

Aryan to ligthen the environment says he will forget dieting today and will prepare French fries and choc milk for himself and jalebis for Narmada. He tells Sundar that men will work in th kitchen today and let women rest. Once they leave, Nila provokes Narmada against Imlie and says she should seek a baba’s service who does some magic and cures infertile women. Narmada agrees. Onc she leaves, Gudiya confronts Nila for supporting Imlie and getting more hurdles in her life. Nila says Imlie will deny to for jhaad phook/magic on her and will make Narmada angry.

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