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Imlie 25th May 2022 Written Update

Imlie walks towards the door and the Aryans are trying to grab the door handle that stops her. She wouldn't open the door because he promised to take care of her pregnant wife, and he says he can't risk the lives of her and their children. She asks what's in the metal handle. When Joti stopped her, he tried to stop her again and open the door, and says she read her charts and found metal to bring her bad signs today. 

Arian says she can't open the door today. I don't believe in superstition. He picks up tamarind and opens her door. Then push with her foot to open the door. Joti is jealous of this.

Arpita prepares a beautiful jhoola for Imli's baby shower ceremony. Sundar praised the decoration. Tamarind goes to him. He tells Tamarind that she likes to swing on a swing and she knows to go to help Alpita. Imuri talks emotionally with the child. Gudiya is jealous of this and asks Nila if she has come here with a promise to marry the Aryans, but she does not see herself near the Aryans. 

Narumada keeps the ceremonial jewelry box and asks Imuri to prepare for the ritual. Tamarind is pleased that Narumada has begun talking to her again. Narumada asked his servant when Panditch would come. Nila is even more jealous when she sees this and asks Narumada if she wants to give her jewels to Imuri, forgetting what Imuri did with her and Arian. 

Joti asks why the Aryans and Narumada are happy with tamarind alone, but she speaks negatively. Narmada says she takes care of the Aryans and his children, but why she needs to worry about her past. When she left, her blue tongue cursed Joti and intervened. Gudiya makes friends with Imuri and asks if she wants to get the money alone. Joti says they want money, not him. She knows that only good things happen to her.

Meety is overjoyed to hear the news that Tamarind is pregnant and congratulates Satya Kam on her phone. After that, she enthusiastically informs the villagers about Tamarind's pregnancy. Villagers curse Tamarind's child's father, whether or not it is there. The sweet tongue whiplashes him and reminds him that Laxman, Bhishma, Arjuna, and many other mythical figures are known by his mother's name. The villagers apologized to him.

Alpita confirmed the final arrangements for the ceremony. Tamarind is ready to go downstairs. Alpita praised him. Bunny Chow comes to promote his cereals made from courier cereals. Everyone is surprised to see him. He says he called him a bunny because he heard that the bunny cooks delicious food. Bunny says she will serve everyone delicious food on this special day and prove her talent. 

Nila shouts she doesn't want to taste the roadside food, and she tries to humiliate Tamarind to get along with the roadside food seller. Tamarind tries to answer angry, but Bunny tells her not to be nervous. Otherwise, it will be bad for your child. After this she gives everyone laddoos. Tamarind makes friends with the bunny. And she feeds Aryanladdoos. They share quality moments together. She cleans his lips. Joti is jealous of this. Bunny leaves.

Imuri then sits on a swing for a baby shower ceremony. Everyone gives him a gift. Alpita presents baby clothes and she says she wants both boys and girls. Nila curses that tamarind values ​​only money. Tamarind replies that she attaches more importance to her blessing and touches her feet on her Neira. 

She then holds a puja with Aryan. The priest asks the Aryans to make Imuri sit on the swing again. Aryan does the same. Joti remembers loosening the swing rope. Tamarind will fall and you will be seriously injured. Everyone is surprised to see it.


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