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Cobalt Blue – Movie Review & Rating

Cobalt Blue – Movie Review & Rating

Cobalt Blue
– Movie Review & Rating

  • Released Date – 02 April 2022
  • Released Language – Hindi
  • Watch Time - 2 Hr 21 mins
  • Movie Type – Drama, Thriller
  • Average User Rating – 2.5/5

Cobalt Blue Movie – Star Cast

Prateik Babbar, Anjali Sivaraman, Neelay Mehendale

Director: Sachin Kundalkar

Cobalt Blue Movie Story

Tanay says this to his sister Anuja. After the death of his grandmother. Whose death happened on the same day that her husband passed away. We get to hear this conversation in the film 'Cobalt Blue' directed by Sachin Kundalkar. The film is based on Sachin's 2006 Marathi novel of the same name. However, the credit of the director of this film is not visible in the opening or end credit role.

The story of 'Cobalt Blue' is of one line. Both brother and sister of a Marathi family living in Kochi fall in love with the man who comes to their house as a paying guest. This story takes place in 1996 when being gay or lesbian was considered a crime in India. 

In the same year, Deepa Mehta's film 'Fire' on the same-sex relationship was released. The posters of this film are also seen in a scene of 'Cobalt Blue'. Basically, this film talks about love and the sadness that stems from it.

In the opening scene of the film, Vidyadhar Dixit calls his family from Maharashtra to Kerala. The only reason to invite the family to him is 'his hunger'. If we understand the meaning of this hunger in the words of Vidyadhar ji, then 'such hunger which does not go away by eating food'. 

Vidyadhar ji is very clear that he wants physical happiness. He tells this thing to his wife without any hesitation. This scene sets the mood for this film. Contradictory mood. This film starts to explain something to you by making you aware of that contradiction.

Cobalt Blue Movie Review:

In the book 'Cobalt Blue', the story is told from the perspective of both the boy and the girl i.e. Tanay and Anuja. How much an unknown person comes into their life and changes them. Tanay is a boy from a middle-class conservative family. But his freedom is there as long as he is walking on the lines made by the society. 

In that society, she is not allowed to love any man. But being gay is not a feeling that comes at your desired time. It is either born in you or it is not there. After going through all these difficulties, when you have a physical relationship with someone for the first time, what does it mean? How do you feel when you are with that person? How does it feel when he leaves? This film tries to understand these things.

Like the novel, the woman's point of view has not been kept very clearly in this film too. The film does not give much attention to the perspective of the girl. The reason behind this may be that the writer of that novel and the director of the film, Sachin Kundalkar, did not have much knowledge of the female perspective. 

How can you write a woman's point of view without being a woman! The feminine side of Anuja's character has not been explored in the film. Nor has there been much focus on her sexual awakening. But with the help of that character, you get a basic understanding of patriarchy in Indian society.

Review and Acting

The film becomes so personal on many occasions that it is not possible to distance itself from it. There is a scene in the film where Tanay sees his sister having a physical relationship with the paying guest. 

He wants to be with them once on their call, but before that his consciousness shakes him and he wakes up from sleep. It is said in English- What is most personal is most universal. In this scene, you understand the meaning of this line.

Not that 'Cobalt Blue' has no flaws. But bigger than those flaws is the intention, which is seen in the making of this film. The scenes in which Tanay is with his unnamed tenant are the most beautiful parts of the film. 

After the departure of your lover, you see the blue color with Tanay in every scene of the film. Sometimes it is painted on the body, sometimes it is found in clothes or background.

Role acting effective

In 'Cobalt Blue', Nilay Mehndale plays the role of a boy named Tanay, who wants to become a writer. Being gay is part of his identity, not his identity. Neelay's boyish charm helps him a lot in this character. Anjali Sivaraman has played the role of Tanay's sister Anuja. Anuja is a girl who does not like to dress up. 

His dream is to become a hockey player. Love frees him from all restrictions. Makes him comfortable with you. Prateik Babbar plays the role of a tenant with whom Tanay and Anuja fall in love. If you look at it in a conventional way, then this character is the root of all the turmoil. 

But if you remove it from the film, then nothing will be left in the story. This is one of the best works of Prateik Babbar's career.

But the strongest character of the film is that of Tanay's professor. This character played by Neil Bhoolpalam gives you a reality check of the world of the LGBTQ community in India. He tells Tanay that the life he is going to start, Professor has lived.

After a long time, it so happened that I have become so emotional (read overwhelm) after watching a film that I do not understand how to collect those expressions and put them in one place. Why? Because I am afraid that I may pollute what this film wants to say. 

Because whatever you feel while watching this film, it is an absolutely pure feeling. You seem to lack logic on many occasions in the film. But in love, you don't find logic. 

But mainly this film talks about love and the sadness arising out of it. The pain you don't want to end. Because that is the only thing related to that person, which you still have today.

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