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Beast – Movie Review

Beast – Movie Review

Beast – Movie Review & Rating

  • Released Date – 13 April 2022
  • Released Language – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
  • Watch Time - 2 Hr 36 mins
  • Movie Type – Drama, Thriller, Action
  • Average User Rating – 3/5

Beast Movie – Star Cast

Vijay, Pooja Hegde, Selvaraghavan, Yogi Babu, and VTV Ganesh

Director: Nelson Dilipkumar

Beast Movie Story

Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada language movies of every South Indian state now want to be hit in Hindi. Along with her native language, she is also reaching theaters in Hindi dubbed. 

The film 'Beast' has been released in Hindi as 'Raw'. What producer directors Neeraj Pandey and Shivam Nair have shown about RAW in their series 'Special Ops' has sparked public interest in this institution beyond 'Tiger'. 

After Salman Khan, everyone from Hrithik Roshan to Shah Rukh Khan, Sidharth Malhotra and Deepika Padukone are turning into 'RAW' spies. The film forms of RAW agents, who carry out their work quietly abroad, have been doing a lot of fanfare in the past as well. 

Tamil superstar Vijay's new film 'Beast' ('Raw' in Hindi) also has a similar story. Vijay's film 'Master', released in the year 2021, was also released along with the original film by dubbing it in Hindi, but the way Telugu stars are being embraced by the Hindi-speaking audience, Tamil stars are not as successful. able to get a Reason? Let's try to find out.

Beast Movie Review:

Before talking about the story, screenplay, direction, music and technical aspects of the film 'Beast', first of all the discussion is about the important thing about which the atmosphere is hot in the Hindi film world after the film 'Radheshyam'. The heroine of the film 'Radheshyam' Pooja Hegde can hardly become the heroine of Salman Khan's film 'Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali'. 

Salman has already retired its producer and director from the film. Was waiting for the film 'Beast' and seeing Pooja's work in it, her journey in Hindi cinema is going to be really difficult. Pooja Hegde's presence in the film 'Mohenjodaro' was also considered as the weakest link of the film. 

The same is the case with Pooja in the film 'Beast'. Even if his character is removed from the story of the film, it does not make any difference to the film.

Review and Acting

The weakest link in the film 'Beast' is its story. In the film 'Attack Part One', Hero abandons the child of a Muslim terrorist and he becomes trouble for Hero later. Here Hero captures a Muslim terrorist in Operation Jodhpur. Months later, in order to free this terrorist, his accomplices take all the people present in a mall hostage. 

The hero of the story, Veera Raghavan, is also present in this mall. To understand the rest of the story, there is no need to strain too much brain. And, since the story unfolds completely in the trailer itself, there is not a lot of people watching 'Beast' in the cinema hall. Like 'Master', the opening of Vijay's film 'Beast' in the Hindi belt does not seem to be anything special.

The film 'Beast' is not even thought of like a pan India film and hence its impact is not the same. Its story lacks the necessary elements to make a pan-India level film. The script of the film also comes to a halt at one point. 

Sometimes the film seems to imitate 'Money Heist' and sometimes repeat trailers of Vijay's best films start appearing. Nelson Dilip Kumar has a good box office record. The eagerness to see him and Vijay's jugalbandi was also in the minds of the audience, but Nelson could not manage to present anything new under the direction. 

The action of the film and the story of the film are both lacking in synchronicity. There are a lot of explosions in the action, but the action of the film is not able to engage the audience with it, this is a big weakness of the film.

Vijay has his own style and there are millions of fans of this style all over the world. He also does the hard work of keeping a weak story entertaining. Vijay is also the only excuse to watch the film till the end. 

Apart from him, Selvaraghavan's performance is worth noting. He is a film director by profession, but here his acting fails to make an impact. The rest of Nelson's own entire comic circle is here. However, VTV Ganesh alone is heavy on all this.

Since Nelson Dilipkumar is also the writer of the film 'Beast', the blame for being weak in the direction and screenplay of the film is also on his head. The music of the film suits the Tamil-speaking audience and Anirudh has worked hard for it. The filming of a couple of songs in the film is also good. 

Especially in songs made on the theme of Arabic music, its sets are seen more beautiful than Vijay and Pooja Hegde. A special weakness of Manoj Paramhans's cinematography after the film 'Radheshyam' is the understanding that his camera follows the director's point of view, he does not try to get involved in the story by becoming the audience's point of view. The editing of the film is tight.

The film 'Beast' is a 159-minute film made with an expenditure of about one crore rupees per minute. Apart from Vijay and his action, there is nothing special in the film to watch in theatres. There is no special entertainment value of the film. In view of this, it is advisable not to see it.

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