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Aranyak – Webseries Review

aranyak web series

Aranyak Webseries Review & Rating

  • Released Date – 10 December, 2021
  • Released Language – Hindi
  • Watch Time - 50 mins
  • Webseries Type – Drama, Thriller
  • Average User Rating – 4/5

Aranyak Webseries – Star Cast

Raveena Tandon, Ashutosh Rana, Parambrata Chatterjee and Zakir Hussain

Director: Vinay Waikul

Aranyak Webseries Story

Looks like Netflix has placed a bet with Indian filmmakers on who will create the worst content for their platform. This thought came to us after watching the latest series 'Aranyak' released on Netflix. If you think that anyone comes up and starts criticizing films and series made in India, then watch this series. Then you will also find yourself in the same tribe.

Now we come to the main issue, which is the conversation on the 'Aranyak' series. Recently, a series named 'Candy' came on the streaming platform Voot. When you watch 'Aranyak', you will feel that both these series are almost based on the same storyline. Whatever the difference is, it is in the production value and the approach of the makers. If two different people tell the same story, then there will be some difference in it. Because the way two people think, see and process things is different.

Aranyak  Webseries Review:

The story of 'Aranyak' takes place in a fictional town in Himachal Pradesh, named Sirona. There is a forest in Sirona, from where the body of a French girl named Amy has been found. The local police there is engaged in the investigation of this matter. But the people of the area think that this act is of a supernatural killer named Nar-Leopard. Male leopard is basically a mixture of human and leopard. 

The SHO Kasturi Dogra of the police station is going on leave for a year from the day this incident takes place. In such a situation, another officer named Angad replaces him in the police station. The police have almost agreed that it is the male-leopard who rapes and kills the girls. But the new SHO sir does not believe in all these things. So they try to get to the bottom of the matter. Then you come to know that after so much build-up, this series will end with CID type end.

'Aranyak' is a big confusing series. The makers of this series could not decide whether to make this series supernatural, add thriller qualities, keep it in the whodunnit zone or make a police procedural show. 

Therefore, this series does not fit into any of these genres or sub-genres. The whole series is spent proving that there is nothing supernatural. Humans are doing all these things. But despite the rejection of the supernatural element, the last scene hints that there was always such a thing as a male leopard.

Review and Acting

Raveena Tandon has made her digital debut with this series. He has played the role of SHO Kasturi Dogra. In terms of Raveena's filmography, this series must have been absolutely out-of-the-box content for her. This series would have been a little less childish had his character been spared a little sensibility and logic. Kasturi is going on a one-year break. 

So that he can give time to his family. Because his family is on the verge of disintegration. But he is continuing his police job even after taking leave. Whereas a new police officer has been appointed in his place. 

The condition of his family is getting worse day by day. But Kasturi only has to do the job. When her husband draws attention to this thing, she is told that a police job is an addiction.

One interesting thing is that Kasturi was so busy in her job that she does not even know how to cook. Good! It is not necessary that every woman should know how to cook. But where is the logic bro? His daughter cooks food for Kasturi. But when she did not have a daughter or was young, who cooked the food? 

This question is because in no scene of the series it has been told that the men of his family know how to cook. Or they are of such a liberal mindset that they do not have a matching ego in cooking at home. This whole situation seems like a joke trying to appear wok at the same time.

The second problem of 'Aranyak' seems to be that she pulls down her female lead i.e. Kasturi first. He is let down because he doesn't understand work. Or the way it works is wrong. Which is rightly wrong. But as the series progresses, she becomes the hero of this story. 

Everyone starts following him. His replacement suddenly starts giving him sense. Not really romance between the two but something similar starts. Seeing all this reminds Taapsee Pannu's statement in the recent Actors Roundtable of Film Companion. 

Taapsee had said that she should not be a hero in the film after being transformed. He has to appear as the hero of the film from the first frame, the first scene. And she was absolutely frank and unapologetic about this.

Parambrata Chatterjee plays a character named Angad Malik in 'Aranyak', who has been sent from another city to Sirona. So that in the absence of Kasturi, he can handle the work of the police station. This is a character who feels exactly the same as the public watching this series. 

He does not understand how the people of that area can do such dumb and illogical things. , in this series, phone records are being taken out on everything. In the end, a man turns out to be a murderer, on whom no one suspected. He suddenly becomes a part of the narrative. It seemed that we are not a Netflix series, we are binge-watching CID CID sitting in front of the TV.

Ashutosh Rana is also seen in 'Aranyak' along with Raveena Tandon and Parambrata Chatterjee. He keeps blowing chillam throughout this series. But in the end, they reveal the biggest secret. But you can tolerate this. Because Ashutosh Rana is such an actor that you give him any useless role. He tries his best to bring life to it with his performance. Sometimes that effort succeeds, sometimes it doesn't. His efforts in 'Aranyak' could not be successful.

If 'Aranyak' is seen in proper perspective, then it is below average level content. There are so many loop holes in its plot that nothing can compensate for it. In this series, you will not find anything other than Raveena Tandon's new avatar, which you have not seen before. I wish I could say that after seeing 'Aranyak', decide for yourself whether it should be seen or not!

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