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Anatomy of a Scandal – Web Series Review

Anatomy of a Scandal – Web Series Review

Anatomy of a Scandal
Web Series Review & Rating

  • Released Date – 15 April 2022
  • Released Language – English
  • Watch Time - 2 Hr 36 mins
  • Web Series Type – Psychological thriller, Anthology series, Legal drama, Political thriller, Legal thriller
  • Average User Rating – 3/5

Anatomy of a Scandal Web Series – Star Cast

Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Sebastian Selwood, Amelie Bea Smith,

Ben Radcliffe, Naomi Scott.

Director: SJ Clarkson

Anatomy of a Scandal Web Series Story

'Anatomy of a Scandal' REVIEW: It has become a very common thing nowadays for any married man to have an affair with his colleague. In most of the cases, wives forgive their husbands just because they blindly trust their husbands or they think that even after doing everything, he comes back to me and the children. Men in such cases either lie outright or say that it happened only because of stress. Many great men blame their wife that you are busy with the kids and you don't have time for me.

Anatomy of a Scandal Web Series Review:

In each case, all the men stand together to prove the man's innocence because they also have their own secrets and usually women protest a little but that protest is symbolic or has no power. The culmination of having a love affair with one's co-worker never appears to change into marriage with a coworker and no official name is given to such relationships. 

A golden opportunity for a co-worker girl to get closer to her boss is considered a stepping stone to success, not love, and the blame lies on the co-worker girl.

Review and Acting

Psychological studies also found that girls have a special attachment to powerful men, and they get influenced quickly by men sitting in power positions. This is just a data, but there may be some truth in it too. A few years ago, in view of the increasing number of such cases and seeing the exploited girls breaking up or ending their careers, their lives, the “MeToo” campaign was also started but its effect was short-lived. 

The web series of the same name based on the third and most successful novel, Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Hall (Sarah Vaughan), who worked as a political reporter for the British newspaper The Guardian, was recently released on Netflix. It has a thrilling story on the ill-effects of a similar scandal.

Published in 2010, this novel has been translated into 22 languages ​​so far and making a TV series on it was almost certain as soon as the novel came into the market. Sarah wrote this novel, taking inspiration from her experiences in The Guardian. 

This novel, which reads like a thrilling thriller to read, is actually a raw bundle of sordid truths hidden behind the political veil of Britain for years. The web series, though of only 6 episodes but due to some unnecessary scenes, it seems long and the audience gets bored in between.

A British government minister's love affair with a colleague brings a storm in his political and family life. A major setback comes when she accuses the minister of rape in a peer court. The case is heard, the ministry is taken from the hands of the minister and his wife also starts looking at her husband with suspicion. 

As the story progresses, the minister's past becomes involved in the trial, and although the minister is acquitted of the rape charge, his wife is pained by the story written in the pages of his past and she leaves him. is.

Rupert Friend played the role of the minister. His work in the well-known web series Homeland has been highly appreciated. Rupert is a handsome man but his acting has not been very special in this series. This man, sitting after severing ties with his past, counts each day as a new life. 

He is a politician, a minister and therefore habitually tells lies. Gets caught up in the scandal but shows very slight tension on the face. The role of his wife is played by Sienna Miller who has been looking for a good role for many years. Perhaps this role will prove helpful for him in changing the direction of his career.

Sienna is talented, she has been nominated several times for awards for acting but still it seems that her talent has not been used properly. His character in Anatomy of a Scandal has many different shades and hence he has high hopes from this web series. Director SJ Clarkson has done one thing very well, he has put a lot of twist and complexity in this series. 

In every episode, it seems that the case is now over, but only then something from the past of the minister or an anecdote from the memories of his wife complicates the matter. The court scenes are amazing. The cinematic style is also different, the character goes into the past while testifying in court and this thing is not shot in a different shade or flashback in any other style.

In the court case the haste to declare the minister innocent is beautifully shown by the cross-examination of the word "consent". Both the jury and the judge are present in the case but they have no serious role. The minister's lawyer (Josette Simone) and the girl's lawyer (Michelle Dockery) are fighting against each other in court, but they are good friends outside. 

Taking a female character as both lawyers and then showing their mutual friendship is a great idea, both from the point of view of the writer and the director. Johann Söderquist, who has composed music for several television series, has composed the music for the exuberance of the occasion. In many places, instead of dialogues, only music is seen speaking. 

Balazas Boligo's cinematography captures the beauty of Britain as well as the importance of every scene. The color palette is similar to that of London's cold weather, a bit cheery but mostly ruins the mood. This color palette has been perfect in this type of drama.

Anatomy of a Scandal could have been called a great web series but it was made on the book, so somewhere the hands are tied. There is not even a chance to go too far from the plot. The thing that the viewers are unable to relate themselves to this series is that the story of the girl accused of rape has been ended only in her court testimony. 

His past, his thinking, his personality… everything is missing from this series. It is understandable that the audience always wants to hear the story of the victim so that they feel that their opinion is formed after listening to all the sides. The audience has not got that chance in this web series, so despite having good writing, the series is weak. 

You can see on the weekend but some unexpected thing will be seen, it will not happen at all.

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